I really want you

27. května 2009 v 17:17 | kaayra ♥ |  anglické
I really want you
Many prophets preach on bended knee
Many clerics wasted wine
Do the bloody sheets
On those cobbled streets mean
I have wasted time

Are there silver shores on paradise?
Can I come in from the cold?
I killed a man in a far away land
My enemy I'm told.

I really want you to really want me
But I really don't know if you can do that
I know you want to know what's right
But I know it's so hard for you to do that
And time's running out as often it does
And often dictates that you can't do that
But fate can't break this feeling inside
That's burning up through my veins

I really want you... now

No matter what I say or do
The message isn't getting through
And you're listening to the sound
Of my breaking heart

I really want you
I really want you

Is a poor man rich in solitude?
Or will mother earth complain
Did the beggar pray for a sunny day but
Lady luck for rain?

They say a million people bow and scrape
To an effigy of gold
I saw life begin
And the ship we're in
And history unfold

I really want you... now

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